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Imagine driving a car over a bridge where there is no barrier to prevent the car from encountering a fatal accident if your focus is absent. Furthermore, it is a very narrow strip of road, so this intensify the situation even more. Adding to this is also the fact that this road is inevitable for you to travel because you must go and there is no other way. Greater yet is that you cannot procrastinate this journey to a different time, you must do this right now this very moment in question. The final condition is that you have no control over the speed at which this thing is going and its moving fast and you are already in this path and the intensity of all the conditions that I just mentioned is happening now.
The first thing here is that you cannot jump off a roller coaster while it is moving, yet there will come a safe time that you can make the move to get off. In this very same way is the situation I just mentioned with those conditions where you cannot do anything different from that which you are already doing, and any thing you plan to do differently have to be set for the future and the move can only be made when the time is safe.
Now what is the difference here. You would have made a move if you made it at the wrong time, and when you made the move at the right time you still did made a move. Therefore, the move that you made at the two different time is not different, its the same move you made. Howbeit, the timing is different, because one would have been at the wrong time and the other was at the right time.
What was it that you were trying to accomplish when that decision was made. In this particular case you were trying to preserve your body from the eminent danger. But yet that decision to protect the body from that eminent danger was not the first decision you made. There was also a decision that was made before that. There first arrived the need or desire to get out. The only thing that can tempt you to want to move from the place where you are currently at and performing is the temptation that where you are tempted to go is a better place. This question of whether or not that is true is the first purpose in question, because if its true that this is a better place then that is one purpose, and if its true that that is not true then that is another purpose. Howbeit, when the purpose that tempt you is the opposite to the purpose that you are involved in, it is the same purpose. For a purpose cannot exist except there is that which opposes it.
That not-factor that destroy the purpose is what needs to exist before the purpose can exist. If what destroys the purpose is not there then there can be no decision made on the purpose while there was nothing to decide against. When a purpose is not decided on it cannot be implemented. This is because there is no such thing as a purpose without a cause, for if there is no cause then there is no reason to implement a purpose. For a purpose must serve a purpose in order to be a purpose, for a purpose cannot serve no purpose. Therefore, a purpose must be implemented by a decision, and that decision is what designs the purpose.
Now a purpose is secured inside of a purpose.
Now in this case there was first the temptation that came to tempt the man that a better things was where he was not physically already engaged in. In this the thing that he is doing already the temptation come to tell him that he can do this thing better. The method that the temptation tempted him to use was the opposite of what this man was already doing. To perform the same thing in a different place would give glory to the thing and not the place if such a mission should succeed. However, when the man rise from performing the thing to perform it better in a better place, he is not performing the thing. For a purpose cannot be served when its disconnected from, even if the purpose of the disconnection is to do it better. For disconnecting from what is to fulfill the purpose is destroying the purpose itself.
For when a man leaves his post he have no guarantee that he will be back, for what tempted him to move from where he is at and the thing that he is doing is the not what`s purpose is setup to make him return. For moving the man from that place was the sole purpose of what moves him, and that purpose is already achieved.
For he who burned by the fire is tempting to have the fire removed. Who is he that a man`s purpose offend, he will desperately endeavor to derail this purpose to cause what carries the purpose to derail. Therefore, he seek to destroy the purpose bearer so he can destroy the purpose. This that tempt a man to remove to improve his purpose is the office job and government of Lucifer The Morning Star, with his bright ideas and his enlightening For he is the light bearer that comes with the light of morning star, so that a man believes he has now seen the light of success, and follow that light. I say to you that that light with bright ideas that Lucifer brings is the light of darkness. For bright though the morning start may be, it is the light that belongs to the light. Them that are the children of the day are guided by the light of the day. For bright though those purposes may be, they belong to the night. Therefore, we seek not to be enlightened by Lucifer The Light Bearer, for The Morning Star that he is with his ideas of success is what keeps man in darkness.
For when a man succeed but what he has achieved is not in the light of God`s Perfect Will, all his achievements are in darkness.
Now if the purpose is inside that purpose that carries it then when what carries the purpose is destroyed then the purpose is destroyed. Notice that the purpose in which the purpose depends is protected by the caution to stay put and not make errors of sudden decisions. This means that this type of temperance is also a law. For if by this - the spirit of God - was what cause a thing to be delivered, then by this comes also the answer to that which is hope to be delivered. For by this law of the spirit of God comes all things. For the fruits of the spirit is what brings the things which only the spirit can perform. If that which only the spirit can perform is being brought by the spirit that can perform it then all that is beyond man`s ability to humanly do is being performed b the spirit of God.
This means that by the spirit of God a man do impossible things, and that is by attracting the fruits of the spirit. Therefore, the answer to "doing impossible things" is through the spirit of God. This is what gives a man power, even beyond the power of a man, because it is the spirit of God... This is just most amazing!
It is the spirit in a man that make him excellent. This means that the man with the excellent spirit is benefiting from an excellent spirit. This excellent spirit is not the spirit that was his spirit but the spirit that he had become through his choices, this spirit is now becomes his habitat. This means that a man can always choose a better spirit, and a better spirit than the man`s is a spirit that he have to deny his spirit to be. The way to deny his spirit is to deny his own desires and seek a more patient spirit.
Where patience is need is where success is lacking, for if success was at this place there would be no need to be patient, but you are patiently waiting on things to get better. Lack of being able to have the confidence that things will get better prepares you only to seek the answer in a different thing. What gets a man at this place is the failure to see the backdrops that is going to cause him to spend more time than he imagined he would have spend to achieve what he was tempted to follow. The same patience he had not to wait where he was first is the same lack of patience he will experience where he goes elsewhere to achieve.
Once the man did not have the long suffering to endure at the point where he left he will not have the long suffering to endure at the point where he went to. For when he left his first love he had also given up his first strength, and his compromise will continue endlessly. Howbeit, Lucifer will not have him to roam unto many other things yet, because Lucifer has already accomplished his goal once the man is not where he is supposed to be for the man have already disconnected from the perfect will of God, and is therefore where he cannot be saved. For God knows no man that is outside of his perfect will, for if so he would not have asked where they are, like he asked Adam and like he asked Satan, from whence cometh though. God is focused on the things that pertain to his word and will and that is where a man must find him. Those that are not in this purpose are lost. For God does not follow man to go and save a man when a man go out of his will. For if he was to save a man who goes out of his will he would have to gout of his own will. This he cannot do.
Therefore, however a man view his salvation in his afterlife it is not possible with the absence of his
Godhood. For a man is not a man if he has not God, for he has not God he has not the purpose of God. Therefore, if he have not the purpose of God he cannot manage the purpose, and if he cannot manage he is not a man. Therefore, an ungodly man is not a man but manless. He is without purpose for he has not that purpose that is to safely carry a purpose. Therefore the purpose of God is not given to ungodly man, for the God that calculates all things does not make error. For he created the sister of Caine to be his wife, but to able he created no wife, for that which could be Abled could also be disabled, but Satan killed that which was Able. All men are born abled but without the purpose of caution he is disabled. Therefore, all able men are set to be disabled except the apply caution and patience to their lives. For although able was righteous yet he - being on top of the hill - allowed in and allowed himself to be subjected by that evil spirit that he could not overcome once he lets it in.
Any man in all his righteousness and with his many years of service to God, needs the spirit of God to continue without destruction, for when he is tempted and yield he is overcome and subjected.
Therefore, the time when a man is tempted and is to resist temptation is always now. For Lucifer is not foolish to come where he knows the man is strong. A promise to be strong is being weak. For while your future is attempting to become spiritually bright, Lucifer stand at your door step in the now, with hopes to score the early point. For he is the morning star, this means he is always early.
He is that horse that is The Pale Horse competing for the now spot, then once a man is initiated unto temptation comes the black horse and the red horse. For as the pale horse was the temptation that the man follow to move away from his first love - which was the perfect will of God -, The Black Horse, was the initiator that needs the focus of that first thing in the now to change the subject matter and to shift the mindset. The red horse is the temptation that the man fell to and yield to.
Together these three works for the gates of hell and came from the gates of hell. Their number is 666, which represents the conception and birth, and represents beginning or initiation. Three with inevitable cause. For when a man is initiated, he is also tempted and deceived. When a man is deceived he also fell to temptation and is initiated by that deceptive cause. When a man is tempted, he is tempted to deception and initiated that temptation through initiation. This makes the three the same, represented by the 3 of the same number 666, which is inseparable. For without one there cannot be the offer and when one is fulfilled then so are the others.
Therefore, when a man find God let him keep him, because anything that temp a man to be less Godly that the godliest is ungodly. There is no such thing as a man that is too holy but many things of a man not being holy enough. For it is not the spirit of God that tells a man that he is too holy, for the holy spirit will never tell a man that he is too holy, for a man is hot holy yet until he is with the holiest of holy. Therefore, Lucifer - the light of darkness - has those who are in the purpose of his pride, and those are they whom he have enlightened to say that you are too holy. Be it known that this is the light of darkness and the purpose that Lucifer sets up to destroy holy men and the holiness of men. For being too holy is a term setup to discourage men from being close to God.
Therefore, touch not what they touch, them that are in the light of darkness, any conversation without them is without malice. Put the word of God in your mouth, for it is the guile of bitterness to the flesh that cleanse the spirit. Speak as the holy spirit of God gave you authority to speak and with the utterances of the holy spirit. For if a man understand not the language of the spirit, then it was not for him but the holy spirit is a man`s lawyer making intersession to God who is his judge and they communicate the language that man have no need to even attempt to interpret. For these are utterances that must be uttered and testimonies unto God. For the purpose of bringing greater things and miracles to a man`s life is the purpose of connecting with that divine spirit that is to bring this divine thing. This is the purpose of God and not the purpose of man.
The Damage
The damage that is done at this place of now that you have forfeited is a very crucial damage and is the one that stays damage. This means that the sooner you begin to be impatient from that point where the idea is first though of, is the sooner that idea - to act disconcertedly - will will be implemented The sooner the idea to act on changing your current position is implemented is the more of a damage it becomes to the status that you are already unto. If that status had stayed for longer it would have been more stronger and harder to destroy it, because it was coming closer to where it could not be destroyed at all. Therefore, the sooner the action to move suddenly on an idea the higher the risk of damaging your original status.
The law that damage your original status when you move too fast is one that is inevitable destructive in any sense. Therefore, this law will inevitably create destruction and produce it regardless, by this there is the experience of an untimely death or destruction of that type that follows people who suddenly quit their job. This I already wrote about under a different subject as one of the most dangerous universal curse anyone could ever get involved with.
The same way the law of acting on sudden contemplation takes on the law of inevitability, which comes through intent design that comes from a purpose, is the same way the opposite purpose creates blessing and salvation. The opposite of what creates destruction is what creates salvation, and an inevitable thing is a thing that defy nature - and what else exist to prevent it - to happen.
This law makes it possible for a thing to come into existence, and for miraculous things to happen, and this comes through the spirit of God under his office as Yehweh, which means to bring a thing into existence. Therefore, in the words of this magnificent God are the very laws of this powers . For when we live in his spirit we become like him and are empowered with the ability to do great things.
This means that even in the midst of the worst times and worst experiences, there is always the hope that a man can rise above and be victorious over this and any circumstances, as long as he maintain patience and faith. Only faith can allow a man to use patience, for if the man believe not then he cannot exercise patience. The fact is that a man is not trying to achieve his salvation, he already has it.
A man cannot achieve anything he never already has, for if he never has this thing then it was never given to him as his purpose. If it was given to him as his purpose then he have no need leaving to seek for it. When the man leave to pursue a different purpose than what was given to him as his purpose, he aims to destroy the purpose that carries his purpose and was designed to carry it. This purpose is the soul with the body given to him that is the body of purpose that is given to fulfill the purpose.
When a man knows his purpose, Lucifer knows that he will return back to his purpose as soon as he experiment on these things that he is tempted to experiment on. Therefore, Lucifer`s strategy is to keep him away from his purpose as long as possible to spoil his real purpose. For this Lucifer will make the simple things take him longer to accomplish by the plight of distraction. For Lucifer The Morning Start keeps showing good ideas to this man, all to keep him from his stumping ground in the now. Who is the Lord in this matter at this time? For God never seems to come here, he turns his back, while we suffer temptation. Therefore, he is not there in this moment, only his words are left there, being given from before as what you should follow. For you was there in the house with him where the plan was decided, and what was agreed on in the house needs to be carried out. He now subject his plan to temptation to be tried and tested. You are who the plan was given to , and it is God`s plan inviting you to be more like him. Therefore, you must be tempted. God is not here, Lucifer is the one talking to you, answer him. Let your answer be according to what you and God had decided that you need to be and the exercises you need to participate in.
Being like him means not being like you because you are not him, and you are not like him until you become like him. Therefore, you are given a mission in his word to be who you need to be, because we have now come past who you were and now only who you need to be is relevant. Lucifer is not your enemy, you are your own enemy just as Lucifer is his own enemy. Lucifer too was tempted to take his eyes away from God and he did. This make him the catalyst of this, so that when he tempt you tempt you to do what he did so you can become like him and share his place and live in his house of misery.
This principality named Lucifer, follow God`s orders and cannot do anything without God`s permission. For if he could touch Job without God`s permission then he would not need to ask God, for he hates him. Nevertheless, even though he hates God, he knows he is subjected to him. Lucifer works for God, he represents what a man aught not to be. Therefore, his purpose is to show man what they need to leave from. His DNA is not welcome in the presence of God. Therefore, no man can enter into the presence of God smelling like Lucifer and his sulfur. No ideas that Lucifer brought to the table cannot be acted upon by the servants of God, therefore prayers on these are not answered.
For as such prayers are not answered so are many prayers not answered, for God does not do redundant things. The answers to every purpose is with the purpose itself, when the time come in that purpose when such an item is required. Because, of the association of answers with every purpose, many ignorantly believe that it is the purpose of God when the answers are there, for they say God had done this thing and provided these answers. This they do while following the will of Lucifer and the compromised spirit. For the purpose of God is what is within the perfect will of God. There be many other purposes which are within his will but not in his perfect will. For the compromised spirit have a form of Godliness but is not in the perfect will of God.
Because those purposes that are in the will of God are not necessarily in his perfect will they are not accompanied by the purpose of the soul. For the soul which comes from God was sent with the purpose that is of God, and that purpose is uniquely in the perfect will of God. Therefore, the soul is not with the other purposes, though they be with his will and not in his perfect will. For the soul and the purpose comes together. Therefore, the soul and the purpose cannot be in two separate places when they shall return. This means that if a man is not in his God given purpose, his soul is lost and so is that purpose lost with the soul that is lost.
No one knows this better than Lucifer, who experienced the lost of his souls when he attempted to personalize the glory of God and fell into tragic circumstances and fell because of his pride. This begins the now common endeavor, to place a man in destruction in the prime of his life and his success, so that many have gained the world and lost their souls.
For when a man comes before an alter in a church registered by the state and owned by Lucifer, and said he confess his sins and his soul is saved from this point on, then he walks out and continue his life, this is the doctrine of Lucifer and his deception. For there a man`s salvation has not even begin. His graduation or his wedding cannot be more spectacular than his baptism, and he must be baptized.
First he must repent and repent actively. He cannot owe any one an apology, he must turn to those whom he hurt and ask their forgiveness - even if he feels his cause was justified. He can have nothing in his position that he steals from others or that was not fairly and justly earned. He can have no inheritance that he is attached to that was got by the disadvantage and abuse of others. If he has anything from any one that was given to him by someone, or cares not how far such connections may be, if such an item was got by any means dishonest in the sight of God or that which grieve his holy spirit, this is an abomination in the sight of God and is an offense to this person`s salvation. For a man cannot say he repents but stay connected to the sins he repented of. Anything that offends God is sin, regardless of a person`s democratic point of view. For heaven is not a democracy. Therefore, the holy God cares not about a man`s right to choose. For if a man is given the right to choose the wrong thing then that is not right, for when the man choose the wrong he can have no right.
The choice between what is right and what is wrong is the opportunity to choose what`s right. For when the man choose what is wrong he cannot be right. Therefore, he cannot have a right to choose if what he can chose is wrong. What the man have is an opportunity to choose the right so the wrong wont be upon him. For what man choose the right to be placed in hell, where choosing the wrong placed him. If he chose not to be in hell then he cannot be put to chose the wrong that will place him there. For his choice would place him where he chose not to be. The consequences of what a man chooses is what he chooses, whether or not that was his desire.
Therefore, only the spirit of darkness can lead a man to chose where he is not aware of the consequences of what he chooses, for the law of darkness have the agenda to hide.
Now along with repentance and baptism a man must be filled with the spirit of God, this means he must eat of the fruits of the spirit until he is filled with the spirit. This means he must have daily and constant resistance against the things of the world. For if a man is penetrated with by sin at any time he is not sealed. For that which has been made clean must be sealed against what made it dirty. For if a man is not sealed by the spirit he is left to absorb what will cause him to sink. Like a boat that is set upon the water, and the boat sails because it is sealed. Howbeit, if there is as much as a small hole, that boat will gather water, and that will cause it to sink. Likewise a man that is filled with the spirit must remain sealed with the spirit, so that he is not defeated. That spirit that is not the spirit of God is against the law of the spirit of God. Therefore, where this appears in the body it cause lawlessness.
This means that a man`s salvation is not that which he can run in and out of. For as the water seeks to penetrate the boat that sits upon top of it so does Lucifer seeks to penetrate them that are servants of God. For the Lucifer has already have the world and have them blinded. Therefore, it is not his target to have that which he already have but that which he has not. This puts him at enmity with the servants of God, and at working to their demise.
He that has come to be that good thing that he aught to be must bear fruits of its kind. Therefore, the servants of God must bear fruits of there kind, this means to win souls. If this soul does not win souls then he has not the purpose and become useless to cause of winning souls. Therefore, this useless soul is reserved for the fire to be burned, for what man is it that preserve useless things for his work. This makes the salvation of the believers incomplete when there is the absence of fruits as the souls that he must win.
If a man is not prepared to cut from him the hand that sin then sin not, for this is meant literally. Therefore, the business of the soul and its salvation is the most serious business. For the church of the living God must separate from the world completely in order to be saved. Therefore, a separate government is required that is The Kingdom of God, and the constitutions are written based on the word of God.
For that democracy is already
Here you are faced with an inevitable situation that you cant mess up and your life depends on it in this very crucial moment at such a time as now. All your focus is needed here because you are in a fight for your life on the road of life

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