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The Family Life Improvement Program (The FLIP) Study Program - Overcome and heal Diseases, Untimely Death Fixes, Remove Infertility Curses, Be Happy in your Marriage... | * IMPORTANT! Please Read "Details"
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# You will need to take your time when you go through this program. Dont read but study. This because everything you read youre going to be hearing it for the first time.
If you see me start a subject but did not finish it straightwardly but brings in other subject matters instead, it is because these are stings that you need to know first before you can understand what is to come.
This is not coolaide stuff, so dont drink it, it is like a cup of tea, so sip it patiently, and enjoy it.
This is how and where we are going to break everything down and bring it into your face, so that you can put your hands on the situations and direct your life, because now you will understand all the plagues and how the get there, and the curses and how to break them. At the end of the day what you shall have is peace and happiness and fulfillment of life.
As for those who are married but cannot seems to have children, and those who think they are too old to have children, we have the answer to those secrets for you. Doing a business but cant suffeed, we have those secrets for you.
If you have diseases in your body that seems to have no cure, we have secrets that will bring answers for that too.
What happens in the afterlife and how does that world works, we have plenty of information for that too.
I could go on and on but the whole idea here is that this is a program where all life`s problem are solved. It is the Family Life Improvement Plan, otherwise known as The Flip.

Now as we continue to add more contents to the program we are going to increase the amount it cost to access it, and its going up to at least $500. Therefore, you might want to grab this program while its at this rate, so you can still have access to its upgrade without paying any extra.

So grab a hold of this program and grab a cup of tea. Use your laptop or computer to read the program, it is more meaningful than to do it on your phone. For this go to thelocalteller.com on your computer and access the program from there.

First click on "Login | send private messages" then that will log you in, you may have to login twice - for security reasons.

Then once you return click on the "access program" link, then that will take you back to where you can purchase the desired block of credit that will be sufficient to pay for the program. You can them click on the purchase access and that will collect the credits from under your login. Just follow the instructions, everything will be there

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Delroy Young

(1). Lauderhill FL
Latonya Lucas
Life Insurance Agent and Recruiter
Whole Life Insurance Term Life Insurance Mortgage Protection

(2). North Miami Beach FL
Luis Pacheco
Home Security And Automation Services
Home Security & Automation Commercial Security Health And Life Safety Cybersecurity

(3). Lauderdale lakes FL
Maurice Clark
Central Light Grace Chapel
Prayers Out Reach Prophetic

Delroy Nicely
ND Print - Graphic Designers
Graphic Designers Business Cards T-Shirt

(5). Miami Gardens Florida
Sweet Hand Kathy's Restaurant and Bakery
Dine-Ins Catering Take-Outs

(6). Plantation FLORIDA
Jerk Machine
Jerk Machine Restaurants
Dine Ins Take Outs Catering

(7). Miramar Florida
Karen Perez
Nursing Kare Learning Center

(8). Lauderhill Florida
De Jamaican Shop
Take-out Restaurant and Grocery

(9). Hollywood Florida
Evereton Henry
Angels Caribbean Cafe
Dine In Catering Delivery

(10). Miami Gardens Florida
Richard Auto Repair
Engines Tun Ups Oil Change - Breaks

(11). Miami Gardens Florida
Delroy Young
Fathers About Custody Equality (FACE)

(12). Miami Florida
Ann Frazer
Ms Ann Soul Food and Seafood
Take Out Dine In

(13). Miramar Florida
Ash Patel
Home health aid Senior Citizen Care Patient Care

(14). Hollywood Florida
D and D Auto Repairs
Brakes Tune Ups Engines

(15). Opa-Locka Florida
Anthony. Asogwa

(16). Hollywood Florida
Jonathan Oscar
Quality Price Trust

(17). Miramar Florida
Bryan Spence
Ambassador Auto Services INC
Engine Rebuilding - Diagnostics - Servicing Tune Ups - Brakes Air Condition

(18). Miami FL
Andrean Eaton
Criminal Immigration Family

(19). Hollywood Florida
Breakfast-Lunches Specials Dinner Catering

(20). Miami Gardens FL
Jamaica House Bar and Grill
Breakfast-Lunches Specials Dinner Homemade Drinks-Catering

(21). Miami Gardens FL
Errol Williams
New Alpha Worship Center

(22). Miami Gardens Florida
Clayton and Paul Johnson
Responsive Insurance Agency
Auto Insurance - Commercial Auto Insurance - Home and Busines Insurance Health

(23). Miami Gardens Florida
Damian Carter
Tropical Oasis Jamaican and Chinese Restaurant
Curried Chicken - Cow Foot Jerk Chicken - Curried Goat Oxtail - Chinese Food - Jamaican Beef Patties

(24). Miami Gardens Florida
Ainstford James
James Bail Bonds Inc
Local & State Federal Intrerstate

(25). West Park Florida
Andrew Roofing Company
Residential & Commercial Roofing
Commercial Roofing Professional Roofing Repairs

This Is THE KINGDOM OF GOD NETWORK (The B5 Community). We are not your tradittional church. Your Soul's Salvation is harder here, because we do not decieve you. We require total holiness, and a life that's in THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD. There is no compromise! We do not conglamorate with the world. We are God's Elect.
Therefore, we worship different, and we need places where we can come together and fellowship. WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS.

* No amount is too small and no amount is too large

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