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Comparing TheLocalTeller against CraigsList

The Law of Sonship Behold I come as he Son, sent by my Father. Therefore, I come in my Father's name. He that come not in his Father's name is not a Son, and is granted not the power of life. For the Son has life through the Father, for the Father granted him life through His purpose. Without the Father, the Son has neither life nor purpose. Life is given to the son through purpose. thus the purpose is the life-giver.
I am come in my Father's Name, and His purpose grants me life, and life maketh not to lost.

Comparing TheLocalTeller against CraigsList<>
1. Search Engine Optimization: The Local Teller have Search Engine Optimization, Craig's List does not. This means that anubody can find your listing through Google Search. Craig's List is more popular, but it have a reputation for scams, which leads us to the next reason

2. Scam Issues & Reputation Status: You will recieve initial calls after listing items on Craig's List - before you recieve a legitimate call, but these initial calls are scammers. One such, are people from Listing Report Companies offering to buy the Listing if you can purchase that Listing report and send it to them. Then there are those scammers who post fake listings with prices so rediculously low that it is hard not to consider it. Then the are wired money and disappear. To make this part short, lots of people are scared to do business on CraigsList.

3. The Power of Social Network: The Local Teller have both basic portals and elite social platforms, where people can interact with each other. Offering a Distribution Insentive - seen below on your Listing Submit Form - is a great way of getting people to forward your listing to potential buyers.

4. Rates: I am not sure what Craig's List charge but the fee for our listings includes:
  • Search Engine Optimization. This means that the customer doesn't have to go to our websites in order to end up there
  • Our listing fee doesnt runs out in 45 days - as Craig'sList does, it valid until the item is sold
5. Users Finding Your Listing - How do we make what we do make sence: One of the main reasons why we were motivated to build an alternative content lister was upon finding out that Craig'sList allow users to abuse their platform, by allowing them to list duplicate listings over and over again, so much that one person's listing would continue for pages after pages. In this case the user will probably never get to see what they came to see. That can be an annoying experience, as I know from experience. One way to fix that issue is to abolish all free listings, this was why we insisted on Search Engine Optimization, to make what we do make sense. If a user cannot find what they come to find then the platform serves no purpose, and no one is encouraged to come.

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