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The Government of The Church | * IMPORTANT! Please Read "Details"

    Delroy Young

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This nlog is not yet proof read!
The Church is the government over the elect of God, and as a governing body its constitutions are based on the word of Yahuah God. The elect of God are the believers that constitute the body of christ. As this constituence is the body of Christ it is Holy and Sotless and therefore, cannot dwell with or fashion itself according to the unclean body - which represents the world.
That body of government that represents the world is the body of the Antichrist, because its not holy. The body of the Antichrist is the body of the dead, for it have no life if it is not Holy.

There is no such thing correctly as the body of the dead governing over the body of life. Therefore, The Church - which represents The Kingdom Of Yahuah God, cannot be governed by government of the world. For to be governed by the world`s government is to be governed by Lucifer, for he is the spirit of the Antichrist that governs the world. For none can subject himself to the world and the agendas of the world in this time and still be saved, such a person have no part in the kingom of God.

None of the elect of God shall vote to elect any government of the world. The church of the living God shall establish its own government on the earth that Yahuah has created. This government shall form its constitutions based on The Word Of God, Then shall the elect of God vote to appoint members of its own to manage the affairs of the elect of God. All trades and professions and constructive agendas and intelectual properties shall be preserved with this holy govertnment, to be productive in every sence.
For a holy thing cannot be connected to an unholy thing and still be holy. Therefore, the existing church and the church as it exist is outside of the will of God, and is uungodly by its structuring. All churches shall be desolved, and there shall be only one church that must be established upon the earth - it must be called The Kingdom Of God. All churches shall converge in this body, for it is the body of Christ and The Son Of God`s government is over it.

This body shall not mix with the world, neither connect itselve with the things of the world, for it is a holy tabernacle unto God, and pure and spotless.

For no man can go to the state in any country to register any denomination, and said come here for the Lord is here. For he establishes his own opinions and such idea is not a church. For the kingdom of God is already established in heaven and so it must be established on earth.

For no religion is vital to the salvation of the soul, for religion is not salvation.
For Yahuah God is not subjected to man but man must be subjected to him. For God sent his Son to establish the church through his body so that man can be saved from hell. Therefore, the primary goal of the church is to save souls from hell, and a man cannot be condemn when he is in the body of Christ, because his body conquered the grave, and it was that which could not be currupted by the grave.

For the body of christ is an incurruptible body. Therefore, the body that is curruptible could not be the body of christ.
As the church had mindled with the world it became currupted by the world. Therefore, none in this curruptible body can be saved, because a curruptible body cannot be saved. For yahuah God has already withdrew himself from all the denominations of the world, and the doctrines of men. Therefore, while they continue, they continued as broken bodies, calling on a God that never showed up, for God is long gone.

Yahuah God seeks now to destroy the church - as it were, and the houses of Lucifer that they have built, and to establish his church with those who shall wash their robes white in the blood of the Lamb. This is the new Jerusalem, the city of God that John saw, coming down from heaven. Yahuah`s righteous church that shall be established upon the earth.

I come to teach to you the full gospel of our Lord and savior, and those things that he require, and what is in his perfect will, and the path to his Holy salvation, to which every believer must attain. The things that I shall teach you shall be on much stricter terms, and is the gospel that you never heard. If any man shall question anything that I shall teach, they have here an open forum where they can discuss their belief. For truth seek to educate, for Yahuah God loves when a man question his truth.

Some may have to flee to the hills while the world come after them, for this shall be a time of great persecution, when the true people of fail to subject to the governments and the conflicting demans of Lucifer. For the elect can obey any part of the laws and demands of the world, as long as these are not in conflict to the will of God. When a man fulfill the will of any government in any country, against the will of God, he as subkjected himself to the Antichrist - which condemns him. Therefore, when a man shall come to know God through his will there shall be many things he cannot do as the world do. Some of these things will bring him in conflict with the world.

For Lucifer will force his agenda so that a man cant survive and have common things except he subject to those agenda wich Lufifer has gerandized. Any man who shall submit himself to these things shall have no path to return to the kingdom of God, therefore, he is condemn.

The life that man have on this earth is temporary. All men have temporary life here, for he must die. It is therefore wise for a man to sacrafice his temporary life so that he can have eternal life, if he come upon a situation where he is given to decide against his faith.
This is an era where there will be no more forgiveness for sins. For these are the last days. Therefore - as it was written - If your right hand offend you, cut it off. The mercy of the Lord is no longer in extent to those who walk out of his will. For this man shall not have the chance to return, as now the manner of spiritual warfare is so intense that those who are gunned down in a spiritual warfare are spiritually dead. This is what the seal of God is to protect a man from.

For when the man sin he is not sealed. For the seal can only be broken by sin, and sin is disobedience to the will of God. Therefore, the effort that keeps a man under the seal of God, is a mindest in the Lamb of God that is constantly focused in the perfect will of God.
For not even the will of God can save a man but only the perfect will of God. For a soul in the will of God is still lost - despite his record of successful things on the earth - only in the perfect will of God is his salvation inevitable.
For mark this thing that I say to you. There are many purposes.

There is one highest purpose that is in the perfect will of God and many other purposes that are in his will but not his perfect will. That thing that is in his will but not in his perfect will is a lesser purpose that does not save the man. You shall see things provided and say God has provided these things for that purpose which was in his will but not in his perfect will, yet you have no power and authority in those things which are of his lower purpose until you are existing in his highest purpose.

The things you see there as answers are there because the will of God grant power for those eggs to hatched through his life, but these things are not the best things...
Therefore, seek to be in his perfect will, and to abide there at all times...

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